THE ACADEMY OF CULINARY ARTS is extremely passionate about our students’ success, which can directly translate into a career and ignite a fire within those who want to be in the culinary industry. With a well-versed chef and an experienced educator, THE ACADEMY OF CULINARY ARTS offers two different program types – the 10-Week Introduction to Culinary and the 5-Month Professional Cooking. The two programs will enable students to learn how to cook, pursue a career in the culinary industry, advance their cooking skills, and receive formal and affordable culinary training. If you are passionate about food, then be sure to contact us today at (805) 222-0900 or (no experience necessary)!



Chef Acuna loves the experience of food and how it can make an occasion special, bring back memories, be a catalyst for time with loved ones, comfort, nourish, and inspire. From his days spent in the kitchen with his grandmother, to culinary school, right up to his life today as a Personal Chef, his passion for food and love of feeding others has continued to grow.

After years of amateur cooking for friends and family, Chef Acuna decided to take his love for cooking to the next level. By enrolling at The Art Institute of California, he gained valuable knowledge about cooking techniques, sanitation, food safety, and professionalism in the culinary industry. He has had the privilege of being the grand prize winner of the Del Monte Chili Cook-Off recipe contest and second prize winner of the I Love Canadian Albacore Tuna recipe contest.

Today, ten years later, as a first-generation college graduate, he is allowed the privilege of creating beautiful, healthy and delicious meals, tutoring those that share his passion for food, and helping his client create memorable and mouth-watering experiences on a daily basis. Through school and professional experiences, his goal is to fuse education and the professional world together by bringing real world applications into the classroom.

Gabriella has been in the higher education field for the past ten years. In her current role, she provides ongoing support to high-level executives on matters such as academic advising, specifically counseling at-risk students; student services; the registrar’s office; facilitating programs for student success in a leadership capacity; and developing, interpreting, and implementing new policies and procedures.

Gabriella is presently involved with the Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (PACRAO) Professional Development Committee, where she helps members grow into their position. PACRAO is a non-profit association representing more than 350 regionally accredited 2-year, 4-year, and graduate schools, with an individual membership of 1,500 professional admissions officers and registrars. In addition, Gabriella was a part of the Ventura County Leadership Academy (VCLA), an organization set to bring forth a diverse group of leaders together in order to effectively improve the quality of life in Ventura County through learning about critical issues within the community.

As a first generation immigrant, Gabriella is passionate about fostering an environment where students can prepare for their career. Gabriella started this journey by teaming up with her husband, Chef Raymond Acuna, to achieve one goal – student success.